Die With Me - Elena Forbes

After reading the following blurb I was really interested in reading this book:


A new detective series in the style of 'Prime Suspect' from a great new talent from the UK. A series of deaths -- apparent suicides -- of vulnerable young girls is baffling police in London: the bodies are found in the naves of churches after having fallen from a great height. Thanks to a badly-handled leak, the press are all clamoring for a serial killer called The Bridegroom, and amidst the maelstrom of conflicting theories from the media, criminal profilers, politically competitive colleagues and the general circus surrounding a major murder enquiry, the chilling deaths mount up... Elena Forbes writes the kind of creepy and atmospheric crime novel that we love, populated by a cast of fresh and engaging characters: Mark Tartaglia, the Italian-Scottish detective whose good looks get him in to all sorts of trouble, and whose single status is a constant challenge for his sociable sister and extended family; his spiky yet emotionally intelligent colleague Sam Donovan; and his old boss Trevor Clarke, who tries to give Mark good advice while lying in a hospital bed . Together they are piecing together evidence that will lead them to the worst kind of serial killer, one for whom the hunt for a victim and the crime squad's hunting of him are both an equally seductive and irresistible game.


However, the book really disappointed me. I couldn't engage to any of the characters, and (thus) found the story not interesting at all. I'd hoped that the Italian-Scottish culture clash might supply some lighter notes between the suspense-packed parts, but both the humour and suspense were lacking, in my opinion. I never read another book by Elena Forbes, this just wasn't it for me.


Note: I read a Dutch translation of this book