The Calling (Mae Martin Mysteries) (Volume 1) - Amber Foxx

I won a copy of this book via the giveaways here on Booklikes.


So far, I enjoy it, but something seem a bit obvious to me; I'll give an example.


"Ronnie lost a cat. I found it. Down by the old church."

Everyone knew that meant the little Episcopal church, not the big, new Baptist church...


You don't say? The old church isn't the new church.


Mae has this 'gift', and apparently it first showed when she lost a cat at the age of 13. Her mother asks her to never use it again, and she is OK with it. (And doesn't do anything with it for another 13 years). Then people/cats seem to get lost all the time, and she is the knight in shining armour showing her powers around. To me that seems like quite a breach of character?


Still, I quite like reading it and find it interesting. There are some hints something is about to happen, and I want to find out what...