Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - Philip K. Dick, Robert Zelazny

Do Androids dream of electric sheep is a Scifi classic, it's also made into a movie called Blade Runner (You have a name like Do Androids dream of electric sheep? and then you choose as a title for you movie: Blade Runner. Why?). In my opinion though, there are quite some differences between the book and the movie, both of which are definitely worth a try.


In a destroyed world where most people have left the earth to live on colonies like Mars, our main character is a bounty hunter who kills escaped Androids. These androids pretend to be humans, so the only way for him to decide whether or not someone is an android is by testing their empathy, as androids are said to be unable to feel empathy. This makes him wonder about his own empathic skills, while also worrying about his new electric goat. He had a live one, very expensive, but it died and as he couldn't afford a new one, he replaced the goat with an electric animal, hoping no one would notice.


It's definitely a memorable book, I especially like the first half of it. It was very original, something I had already expected with such a lovely title as Do androids dream of electric sheep? At first it may seem just a story, but there is more to it. It handles questions about the value of life to name something. A very interesting read.