The Gorgeous Georgians (Horrible Histories) - Terry Deary

We've got a bunch of Horrible Histories books at home from our last visit to London, but I try not to read them too fast, because that way I can postpone the moment I won't have any of these books left. So, for the time being, this is the last HH book I've read.


This book gives you interesting details about the Georgian era. Were these times really as gorgeous as suggested in the title? I don't think so. (What surprised me though, was that this seemed to be the only positive alliteration (besides Groovy Greeks)). These books are always fun, thanks to the great writing (and joking) skills of Terry Deary and the nice drawings that accompany the writings. 


A very nice, quick and enjoyable read, but try to keep in mind that it is meant to be a children's book.


Bonus: What better song to accompany this book than 'Born to rule' by the 4 Georges