Matched  - Ally Condie

I was really looking forward to this book, but it disappointed me. It wasn't really working for me. The 'perfect' society was OK, I'm willing to believe that people wouldn't question the fact that all their decision are being made by Officials. People tend to give away responsibilities. Though some of those things are creepy, like the forced euthanasia at the age of 80. But during the story there were more, weirder things I found harder to except in this 'perfect' society, like the class-system (the idea that offspring of bad behaving parents should be punished sounds quite Old Testament to me), and the pills. Giving people pills that can

erase their memory, sounds like an easy plot device to explain why nobody ever notices something weird is going on...

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And the matching ceremony, the mess-up and following failing cover up, and mostly the very annoying love triangle were not working for me. It was a nice and quick read, but I wasn't compelled to continue reading. The end is open, so I had to read the next books as well.