Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins

I pre-ordered Mockingjay a long time before it was actually released, and a friend of mine, who also wanted to read it straight after it hit the shelves, was disappointed as all copies in our city has been reserved and new books took weeks to arrive.


I think this shows just how much we all were looking forward to the release of Mockingjay. I struggled a bit with the same things as with Catching Fire, how is Suzanne Collins going to keep things interesting. But I was far too curious to let that stop me from buying this book.


For me, this book felt completely different from the first two novels. I think that the arenas were good structures that these books needed. Without it felt somewhat weird. Where the terror from the capital is first mainly invisible (at least for the people of the capital), it ends with destroying the capital itself.


All my favourite character's don't make it to the end of this book. I hate it when everybody lives, because then I don't feel like there is any suspense left (if you already know no one will die), but it seemed almost targeted to kill just the people I liked best.


I know that a lot of people had a problem with Prim dying, and of course I wasn't happy for her dead, but from the story-viewpoint it made sense to me. It was as if - no matter who would win in the end - everything Katniss did was in vain, because she only ever entered the Hunger Games to save her little sister.


I have a problem with the execution-scene though. Katniss decides to shoot the president of district 13 and leader of the rebellion after a nice little chat with President Snow (who is such a loveable chap, I would definitely trust him?! :S ). And then, President Snow laughs himself to death?! O, Come on!