Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins

When I first read the Hunger Games in 2009 I really liked it, and couldn't wait for Catching Fire, which was by that time due in a few months. My sister and I bought the book as soon as possible.


I'd been wondering though what exactly would happen in this book and the one that turned out to be Mockingjay. One of the strengths of THG was in my opinion the arena and the 'actual' 74th Hunger Games.


So, when I found out we were in fact returning to the arena, I had some mixed feelings. I was glad, because that was what I liked the other time, but it also felt a bit as a device to 'never change a winning team'. I really liked the clock-arena though, I thought that was very clever.


I liked how, when President Snow is telling Katniss he's seen her with Gale, (and the television people have changed him into her cousin), he says something about her family 'and all those .... cousins.' Such a shame it didn't make the movie.


I liked that Gale was absent for the rest of the book :). I liked Finnick and his sarcasm. Then, what didn't I like? For me, the ending felt rushed and very confusing. I understand she was creating a cliffhanger of course, but I had to go back and reread in order to understand what she was doing, because so much happened in so few pages. Still, I really enjoyed reading this book, and even pre-ordered Mockingjay because of it. (It's the only book so far I've ever pre-ordered).