Binding Ties (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) - Max Allan Collins

I didn't want to read this book. But I friend of mine said 'I know you like books, I've just got the thing for you!' And I didn't have the heart to tell her I don't even like CSI.


I understand that technology and forensics are a major part of an investigation. But it seems weird to me that these same forensics people should also do interviews with suspects and real investigation rather than analysing what they found on a crime scene. Isn't that what the police is for?

Besides, even though I know that probably there are no cases solved by deduction (evidence and so) it is nice to read about it. I rather see some quick reasoning by Sherlock than a machine pulling out some DNA-samples and thus solving the case. It's just not as much fun if it looks like anyone could do it.


Which brings me to the story. It read almost like an episode of CSI, so I guess that if you like to watch CSI, you'll probably like this book as well. The story isn't really anything special, but entertaining enough to continue reading.

Still, I don't think these books work for me.