Dead Scared  - S.J. Bolton

I just finish Dead Scared, reading the last 200 pages in only three hours.


It was creepy. Sharon Bolton is really good at creating tension and a creepy atmosphere. I even asked myself why I was reading this just before going to sleep, but I couldn't stop reading it either. It really is a shame this has been on my TBR for almost a year!


Lacey Flint gets called to Cambridge for an under cover operation, as figures show there is an unusual high suicide rate. Psychiatrist Evi Olliver believes someone might be promoting suicide. The truth is even more macabre.


I particularly liked the first three hundred pages. You know something is going on, but you don't know who does it or how it's done. That's what makes a good detective, for me. I'd figured the story mostly out by then, I thought, and it indeed turned out that I was mostly right. The pace is very fast and it was nice to read. At first I wasn't too sure about Sharon Bolton's decision to start writing a series, but so far I really likes Lacey Flint and this series. I'm already looking forward to reading the third Lacey Flint novel.