Next of Kin: A Novel - John Boyne

This book again is completely different from the other books by John Boyne I've read. It's a subtle crime novel as well as an intrigue novel. I think this to be one of his best books. It was just so engrossing, I couldn't stop reading.


London, 1936 That's a great start!

Owen Montignac has a great gambling debt and only six months to find himself a large amount of money. What a nice coincidence that his very wealthy uncle has just passed away. No need to be sad - until Owen finds out his uncle has cut him out of his will. Oops. What follows is Owen's increasingly psychopathic scheming and planning in order to reach his goals.


I really liked this book, and I don't get why so few people know about this book or have read it. It was really good. I also don't get why this book isn't translated into Dutch. I would recommend this book, because I think it deserves more readers!