Now You See Me  - S.J. Bolton

Sharon Bolton is one of my favorite writers and one of the very few whose books I buy as soon as they are in my book store... (Or so it used to be, they spent so much time translating her last book into Dutch, that I reluctantly switched languages so I would no longer have to wait. But then, it lay on my TBR and is still laying there. But I'll start to read it Friday).
Now you see me was a birthday present and I couldn't wait to start reading it.

And, I liked it, I liked the Jack the Ripper story (even though it seemed less original keeping the BBC-series Whitechapel in mind). But, somehow, for me this was the one of her books I enjoyed the least. I always liked the folklore and myths and the creepy stuff that always surrounded it, and somehow Jack the Ripper is too well known to create that same atmosphere. And the end was not as strong as in her other books.


Also, I'm a bit disappointed that this is no longer a stand alone but the beginning of a new series around Lacey Flint. Of course there are more than enough mysteries to solve in London, but I really hope it'll stay original.


Note: I read a Dutch translation of this book.