Awakening - S.J. Bolton

Again I enjoyed SJ (Or should I say Sharon?) Bolton's book. One of my friends recommended her first book, Sacrifice, to me and I really like that one. So it wasn't a big surprise I wanted to read this book as well. At the moment, her next thriller 'Blood Harvest' is on my to-read-shelf.

The story is set in a small village in Brittain where they have some problems with snakes. It appears that there is some sort of secret that has to do with the snake problems. New wild animal vet, Cara Benner, is willing to find the answers.

What I like about Bolton's stories is her use of old mythology and other old stories in her books. But in the end it is always a 'normal' thriller (not a fantasybook). I think her stories really are original and I like to read them. But in my opinion Sacrifice was even better then Awakening. And, again it's a standalone!


Note: I read a Dutch translation of this book