Over the last few years I've been writing reviews of books I've read. I'm planning to import these reviews a few at a time to my new blog. This will take some time and some reviews may be quite old. I try to this a-z; but books I finish during the process will probably be shotgunned to the front of the list.


Therefore, I'd like you to keep in mind that 


A) some of the reviews were written when I wasn't at all experienced in writing them.


B) they may be about books I've actually read years ago, so it is quite possible that I won't be able to remember all the details, and it is more an overall feeling I still have about the book.


C) as I'm Dutch, of course I've read books that were first published in Dutch and probably never translated into English. I've decided to write those reviews in Dutch, as it seemed only logical. But, if you're not able to understand the Dutch (e.g. don't speak Dutch), but would like to read the review because there is an English translation or you're just interested, I'll gladly translate it. =D


D) Sometimes, translations can be really bad so I'll always make a note to say I've read a translation. I think, perhaps when you're English-speaking, you don't really come into contact with translations, except when you're a fan of Scandinavian/Spanish etc books, but a translation can really be an important factor in just how much you like a book.

Nowadays I try to read books in their original language, if that is possible of course, which means I mostly read English/Dutch books, and some try some German books as well, as I try to improve my German reading skills.

However, I'm also trying to clear my TBR-pile, and there are quite some translations, so I'll be reading those as well, because this year I want to get rid of most of my TBR.


Any questions can always be asked!