The Mammoth Hunters (Earth's Children, #3) - Jean M. Auel

I'd once started this book back in 2007, but at a point I was just so annoyed with it, I quit. Now, it was time to give it another try.


And it was not as bad as I remembered, some parts were nice to read (even though the amount of sex in it makes that you almost think you're reading 50 shades or something similar), and I was planning to give this book an extra star after reading it completely, but then the End happened. It was so bad, I couldn't stop myself from facepalming even though there was no one around to notice it. It almost made me vomit, it was terrible.


It goes like this:


*We're on the very day of Ayla's marriage, so you hope this is going to end the stupid love triangle (or it might even be a love pyramid); Anyway, her other love interest has left*


*She notices he has left, and goes looking for him*


*Finds him*


'Why don't you love me any more?'


'But you don't love me any more...'


*Some confusion as they find out that they in fact do love each other*


'Then why did you never ask me to marry you?'


'Marry me!'




'How about the guy you're supposed to marry this very evening?'


'Oh, well, I'll just ditch him, he won't mind'


* Some make up sex *


Afterwards they go and tell the other guy, and he is OK with it!


Seriously, this really is one of the worst endings I've ever read.


(And someone got me the fourth book in the Earth Children's series as a present, so I'll have to read that one as well)


Note: I read a Dutch translation of this book