The Chemistry of Death - Simon Beckett

I had already read Whispers of the Dead (David Hunter #3). Yeah, something about reading order? I know. After reading it, I decided I wanted to read more, and this seemed a very logical start...


The Chemistry of Death is the first novel in the David Hunter series by Simon Beckett. It may not come as a surprise to learn there is quite a lot of death in this book and this series (What's in a name?). So, you'll need to have a stomach that can handle descriptions on decomposing bodies for the books (this one less than the third book, but just to be on the safe side).


The story in this book I thought was OK, not really special, but it was nice reading. I'm still planning to read more books, like the second book, but I still need to go and find it.


Note: I read a Dutch translation of this book