Watership Down - Richard Adams

This was a television series when I was a kid, you'll know it - Bright Eyes. I never understood the story, but I came across this book and wanted to read it, so hopefully I could learn what the story had been about in the first place. (OK, the lovely rabbit on the cover did help a little in my decision making process).


It was a completely different story from what I expected. A bunch of rabbits set of to create a new colony (that is probably not the right word - please do forgive me) of rabbits, and we follow them as they try to create this.

But, oh, they aren't very clever; for they simply 'forget' to take any female rabbits with them. It's clear they didn't pay attention in Biology classes.

Then, obviously they need to find some female rabbits, and they just go and steal them. I always wondered why the Evil rabbits in the series were hunting them, but it makes more sense now.

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A book all about rabbits may sound boring, but believe me, it isn't. There's a lot of suspense and it is interesting from start to end. I would recommend it!