Well, technically, it's seven hours past halfway, but I've been sleeping.


I wanted to join this summer's 24-in-48 (where one aims to read for 24 out of 48 hours, and not necessarily as someone asked me read 24 books ;) ) to boost my summer holiday reading. However, so far my attempts at this read-a-thon have been terrible at best, so I wasn't sure how it was going to work out since I've only just recovered from a reading slump.


So far, I feel it's going fine. Reading has been a bit in bits and pieces, so I'm not sure I hit the 12 hour mark yesterday, but anyway I'm happy with the progress. I decided to use for this read-a-thon my five year old Kobo Ereader which still holds some books I've never read.


Started and currently reading through the 24-in-48:


* War & Peace - Tolstoy (9%)


* The Trial - Franz Kafka (48%)


* Playing Nice - Rebekah Crane (55%)


* The Athena Effect - Derrolyn Anderson (37%)


* Daimones - Massimo Marino (38%)


* Jade Sky - Weston Ochse (26%)


* The Legend of Sarah - Leslie Gadallah (Just starting)


Happy second day of the 24-in-48!