I'm feeling a bit under the weather at the moment and one of the consequences of this is that I've spend the long weekend quietly while reading books. So, at least good thing comes out of it. I'm on track with both my reading challenge as well the ROOT challenge, and I've managed for the first time in ages not to add anything to Mt TBR this week. It is a little early to say something but I really hope I can put a dent in it this year and so far I'm not unhappy as to how the year is progressing.


I'm planning on another lazy weekend the coming days and hope I will finish some more of these books.


TBR as of today: 1734 (-16 from last week; -10 from January 1)


Books read in 2019: 23 (+7)


Pages in 2019: 5284 (+2243)


What I've Read This Week




Currently Reading


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Books added to Mt TBR




Nothing, yay!


Have you read any of these books?