This post will be updated as we move along, so expect to see it pop up your dashboard multiple times.


Somehow I missed the BLopoly until today, but I would like to join in the fun and since today is a roll day, I can start immediately.



Roll 1: April 23


And the number is 7, which means I end up at square 7 in Fantasyland:



I will read The Hobbit for this challenge, as it was published before 2000. It has 366 pages so I will 'earn' $3.00 with this book.


Roll 2: May 1 (Finally finished The Hobbit)


And the number is 6 which end me up the Booklikes square!



So, I had to find a twelve-side die for this one, and got a five, which means I get to collect $10.00 plus give it to a another player (Familiar Diversions)


Bank (at the end of roll 2): $34.00


Roll 3: May 3


1+1 (doubles) which land me on The New Orleans Train station.

For this task I've chosen a book with a suitcase of the cover which has 352 pages ($3.00)


Since it was doubles I rolled again, this time 5 which brings me to Visit the Jail. I'll be reading The Circle (Damon Clark; 132 pages) to donate to the Jail.



Roll 4: May 6


I didn't manage to finish Neverland yesterday, but finished it instead this morning (collect $3.00) so my turn switches to today. I rolled 9 which brings me to the Tarzan square, where I have to read a book by an author who's initials are in Tarzan. That's why I chose Flame in the Mist (Renee Adieh; 368 pages; $3.00 when I finish it).


Bank update May 6: $37.00