Amish Vampires in Space - Kerry Nietz

When I first heard about Amish Vampires in Space I was sure it was supposed to be some kind of a spoof. Quickly, I found out that in fact it was a serious science fiction novel concerning Amish, vampires and space.

Immediately my expectations were much higher, to have this kind of story and not mean it as a spoof, it was supposed to be really good. A novel that was just okay wouldn't do. So maybe I'm just judging this novel too harsh.

Although I still don't really understand why the Amish joined the space ship and the vampires seem at first quite random, it was an okay book. It was indeed what it promised: Amish Vampires in Space. What it didn't do was add something extra to it. It was alright when I was reading it but I didn't feel anything for either the story or the characters.

Additionally there were some weird things. For example, at some point an Amish woman wonders why her husband hasn't called her, while she has never used a phone herself. This seems a weird thought under those conditions. There were some more of these things and also the end, I somehow saw it coming...