The Surrendered (Surrendered Series Book 1) - Maynard Case

Imagine a world in which one has to pay taxes for each of their children (more than 1 child per family) and these taxes are so high that rather than pay them, people send their en masse to farms and workhouses where they are treated as slaves. I should think that people would consider birth control in this case, but apparently this is also something that has been lost in the transition towards a Dystopia society.

Maybe, just maybe, I would have bought it if only I saw what the government was doing, why all these people were happy to give their children away. But, even with all the help the government apparently provides (there are also groups who try to live on their own, but the general assumption is that this is not possibly) the people seem to be barely scraping through.

Enter Vera, and her twin brother. They are only months away of completing their lease and reentering the society (there should be some awkward silences on family dinners though). However, when their younger sister in one of the newly surrendered kids (which means her parents 'did it' again, as the sister was the reason why they were surrendered in the first place), Vera decides to take matter in her own hands.

I was not very much impressed by The Surrendered. It started interesting enough, although I had some questions about the worldbuilding. Relatively quick it became rather predictable. I won't spoil the story, but you've probably read it before. It was however still pleasant to read and a very fast read as well. Just not very original, and the world doesn't make too much sense.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!