Discount Armageddon - Seanan McGuire

After finishing St Mary's I was looking for a new series to read, and InCryptid had been suggested earlier to me. Since I already had the books (and there are a lot of free stories, which you can find free at the author's website), I decided to give it a try despite the very ugly cover.

I was initially taken aback by the large amounts of info-dumping that occur during any of Verity's free running adventures in New York. At the same time she is pursuing a career as a ballroom dancer, but this moves to the background really quickly.

However, I was sold after meeting the Aeslin mice. They are the true heroes of this series. Very religious mice that see signs in literally everything, they are much more than just the comic relief of the series. I would continue just for them. But Verity is also in contact with lots of other cryptids, which made it an interesting read. Verity's own story doesn't seem to be the most original one, and she makes some very stupid decisions, but I'm curious to find out where it goes from here.