A Second Chance - Jodi Taylor

Returning to St Mary’s already feels like a long awaited return home, even as I’m bingereading my way through the series. I’ve seldom had so much fun just with the characters as they really are what make the series stand out. And normally, I’m really not much of a bingereader myself (don’t get me wrong, I’ll read a lot but not one series at a time) as after one or two books I’m usually looking for something else already. Not so for St Mary’s though.

Max and her team have a great job coming up, one of Max’s personal favourites: Troy. As expected not everything will go as planned. Since the big part of this book takes place right at the start, I felt slightly lost after they are back in modern times. Without moving into spoiler territories, there are some things that happen during the story, but rather haphazardly and at one point I even had to reread because it was mentioned only so casually. The book’s conclusion is something I’m not sure yet I’ll appreciate as I have no clue where it is going.

Now it may seem that I’m disappointed with the book. That is absolutely not the case though, although I’ve got to be honest and point out those things that I didn’t like or didn’t seem logical to me. Everything I liked about the earlier book, luckily, is in A Second Chance as well, and more. There are more ridiculous ‘experiments’ going on and the chaos that seems to come natural to St Mary’s. So put the kettle on (you’ll want to drink tea with this) and prepare for what will probably be one of the funniest reads of the year.