Just One Damned Thing After Another - Jodi Taylor

I've been thinking about how to best convey the fun I had when reading Just One Damned Thing After Another. I'd heard so many good things beforehand that I wasn't sure it would live up to my expectations. But luckily for me, it did. (And there are seven of them!)

The book does not waste time explaining how the time travel works, so if the philosophy/science fiction behind it your favourite part, you might be slightly disappointed. However, it provides a lot of fun situations in which there is time travel. If Murphy's Law applies to anything, it is on St Mary's missions. It was nice to see some dinosaurs passing through as well (always bonus points for a surprise dinosaur!).

But the strongest point of the book were the characters. Especially the main character really stands out as she is funny and smart, even though often she has the worst of luck. But also the supporting cast are great, and St Mary's portrayed as an institute almost as cool to work as a wizarding school.

My only complaints (if I go looking for them), is that sometimes the story didn't feel completely balanced. A lot happens, and some of it was a bit too much in a short frame or it was slightly glanced over.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to start the sequel today!