After: The Shock - Scott Nicholson

I was severely underwhelmed by this take on the zombie apocalypse. And it was not even due to the zombies, or Zapheads as they are called, either. (But seriously, what is wrong with calling a zombie a zombie?)

Solar flares have destroyed all technology and also most of mankind. The surviving few notice that some of them are human no more, instead they are killing everything in their path. For fun, apparently as they don't seem to eat them.

In this mess we find several group of survivors, all trying to adjust to this new world, called After. And here is my biggest problem with the book: the characters are all so terribly clichéd that it almost physically hurt me. I can't even begin to describe all of them but it caused a lot of eye rolls. Also, the ending is very, very abrupt, or even close to there no being an ending at all. The book just ends, with nothing resolved and no questions answered, and you'll have to continue with the second book.

I think I'll pass...