The Complete Maus - Art Spiegelman

This work combines the two parts 'My father bleeds history' and 'And here my troubles began'.


Even when I was reading Maus I knew it would not be easy to write a review of it. Many things, if not everything has been said about it, so I will just focus on explaining some of my thoughts while I was reading it.


I think it is an incredibly strong work, it tells a terrible story and somehow I feel the graphics add an extra layer to the story that made that I couldn't shake loose from it even when I was not reading it. Even more so than other holocaust stories that I read before.


To emphasize the ridiculousness of racism, all characters from a same group are drawn the same, with the Jews being the mice and the Nazis cats. The French are frogs, the Polish pigs and the Americans dogs. While this makes it rather difficult to distinguish between the characters, it goes to show how dangerous it is to look at groups instead of individuals. 


Very strong graphic novel that I would certainly recommend!