The Invoice: A Novel - Jonas Karlsson

Some time ago I read The Room and based on that reading experience I wanted to read 

The Invoice. Besides, the premise was also very interesting. 


The nameless main character suddenly gets charged a huge sum of money in Swedish kronor for the happiness he's experienced in his life. Convinced some kind of mistake must have been made he tries to show the agency just how average and unhappy his life so far has been. But in doing so... You'll probably guess it. 


It was an incredibly fast read and it was written nicely. It succeeds in making oneself think about what happiness is and what it is worth. Also, to appreciate small things in life. In this sense, it was the perfect story. However, I did experience something weird with the story. At just over 200 (short) pages, it is not clear what it is trying to be. Rather long for a novella (I think it would have worked by making it just slightly shorter), too short to really have the character development of a novel. What drives the main character, what drives Maud? It is unclear. I think it should have decided whether it wants to be a novella or a novel.


But a nice, quick reading experience nevertheless. A good summer read.


Thanks to the Blogging for Books and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!