The Body Reader - Anne Frasier

The Body Reader started really good, with Detective Jude escaping the basement in which she was kept a prisoner for the last three years. Of course, her abduction has left Jude changed and it focuses on her trying to get a normal life again, and the people who used to know her to find a new way to interact again.


Despite there being quite some question about wether or not she's ready to return to her job she continues working for homicide and besides trying to figure out why she was taken she also works on a missing persons case. As she's dead set to solve both of them, it was not really a surprise for me they were somehow related.


Also, the title suggested she would use her new talent of Body Reader to solve cases or at least to look at them, but maybe she does this a few times in the beginning and even then it is just looking at body language and other stuff I guess police officers should be looking at even without a three year abduction.


The ending was not really my cup of tea, with everything coming together and all things nicely wrapped up. The writing made for a very quick and easy read, but it didn't make it easy to really connect with the characters, and especially with Jude, but maybe that was intentional.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!