Zombie High Chronicles 1 - Amy Miles

I don't find it easy to review Zombie High Chronicles I, which I got through a contest, apparently (I don't remember joining, but that's my fault not the book's). I can not really pinpoint and say why I didn't quite enjoy myself as much as I had hoped I would.


The start is as you would expect. There has been this zombie outbreak, only the zombies just are there and don't attack people or seem to have any interest really. How they survive if they don't eat, don't ask me. For their safety however, the main characters are behind a fence to protect them from these zombies, who for the record don't attack at all. As the experimentation on the zombies continues, so does the danger grow.


The cast of high school kids will fight soldiers and newer zombies before the end of the book. The problem was that it just couldn't keep my interest. I was reading it and thinking, okay, but never did I want to find out what was going to happen or did I feel a connection with one of the characters. Maybe it was too short for that, it felt like a rather short read, or maybe it was too generic a zombie story, I don't know. But I did feel underwhelmed by it, unfortunately. I have to conclude that this book wasn't for me.


Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!