The Wife Of Bath (Little Black Classics #28) - Geoffrey Chaucer

We didn't read this in class. Of course, we talked about the Canterbury Tales but actually reading it, no. That's why I was pleased to see it as a part of the Little Black Classics, giving me the opportunity to read a small part without necessary the feeling that I should read it all.


The story surprised me in a positive way. Both the Prologue and the actual Tale were far more interesting than anticipated. I'd thought it would be drier and The Wife felt rather modern (as far as I can judge in my limited knowledge of medieval woman).


Reading a story all in rhyme however, remains slightly difficult for me and it was rather distracting at times. What I didn't really like was the fact that it was a modernized translation of the text, which made it impossible to judge what the original set. It would have been nice to be able to compare the two.


Little Black Classic 28