Death by Cliche - Bob Defendi

First: I don't know why this book is shown with this non bookish cover.


Damico is a game designer who gets shot in the head for disagreeing to publish the worst game ever. To his annoyance he doesn't end up dead but instead wakes inside said game. It is worse than Hell, especially since it's filled with every trope ever.


Of course, the title kind of gave it away, if you don't want to read clichés stay far away from this book. However, from time to time, this book offered a nice view to this clichés. At other times it worked less well. I found the story also a bit repetitive and could only read small parts in one read otherwise I would get slightly annoyed by it.


All in all, I have some mixed feelings about this book and still haven't really decided what to think about it...


Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!