Karma Patrol - Kate  Miller

As a karmic account enforcer, Jade Bailey makes sure that what goes around comes around. Jade has dedicated her life to Karma Division, and in return she's expecting her own personal fairytale, complete with her dream job and love at first sight with a tall, dark, and handsome soulmate.

After more than a decade of waiting, her destined soulmate still hasn't turned up, but a stellar annual performance review from the Powers That Be puts Jade at the top of the promotion list. All she has to do is maintain her territory's karmic balance until the selection process is over. Naturally, a deranged shooter picks the next day to start a rampage that threatens to destroy the karmic balance of Midtown West - and, incidentally, any chance Jade has of earning that long-awaited promotion.

Unwilling to give up despite warnings from her boss, who knows the shadowy Destiny Division won't appreciate Jade's interference, Jade starts her own investigation. In the next shooting, she nearly becomes a victim herself, but she can't prove her near-death experience is anything but a coincidence. Detective Luke Jackson, Jade's unwitting and extremely unwilling soulmate, arrives on the scene to investigate. Instead of falling head over heels in love with her, Luke suspects her of being involved in the murders.

If Jade wants her fairytale ending, she’ll have to convince her soulmate she isn’t a killer while trying to catch the real culprit, a task made more difficult and infinitely more dangerous when Jade becomes the killer’s next target.


I admit I was sold as soon as I read the blurb. It sounded really cool and also refreshing for an urban fantasy. I was almost afraid that it would turn out to be a disappointed because I had great expectations for this one.


Luckily, I needn't worry because the story grabbed me right from the beginning. I liked Jade's character, she's very motivated. Her karma patrolling the district was also a lot of fun. I was a bit scared about the whole soulmate thing (I hate insta-love; I've read to many YA novels lately), but instead of just giving in to it, there was an actual force and it just made things awkward for them.


The only thing that was not completely as I liked it was the ending. It didn't have the same complexity as many things in the novel. However, this would certainly not stop me from reading a sequel!


Karma Patrol is the first book in the Fate Divisions series.


Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!