The Summer the World Ended - Matthew S. Cox

A fan from the Awakened series by the same author, I was really looking forward to The Summer the World Ended, which really sounded like another apocalypse novel.


Fourteen-year-old Riley sees her summer- and her life- fall apart after her mother suddenly dies from an aneurysm and she needs to go life with her father who she's not seen for years. However, her strange father and his house in the middle of nowhere, might not have been her biggest problem as the world might be on the brink of its end.


This was a strange read for me. It started completely different from what I was expecting (where's this apocalypse). I started to think that the title was rather meant to be figuratively. Riley's father made me more than uncomfortable and he was a terrible character, in my opinion. Riley was just another teenage girl, slightly annoying at times but not too much.


And then. One of the biggest twists in times. I won't say more not to spoil.


Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!