The Heartless City - Andrea Berthot

Two things up front:

1. I chose this book because of the cover

2. This is one of those books where you shouldn't read the whole blurb because it spoils most of what happens in the book (I really don't see why authors/publishers would do this!)


London, 1903. It has been quarantined for the last 13 years after a pill was given to its inhabitants that renders them monsters. Human on the outside, but with the ability to transform within moments into Hydes, which are basically zombies with a fixation for human hearts. It is to this London that Iris Faye is trying to go. But why ever would she want to enter a city like this?


I liked reading it, although it was completely different from what I expected. Do not expect a zombie novel, the biggest part of the book takes place at a palace which is (un)fortunately zombie free. I found the novel instead of being a suspense filled read it was more about characters deciding who they are in a world that wants to decide this for them. At least for the sidecharacters, who in my opinion made the story. Iris and Elliot are very typical heroes and their romance is quite insta-love which I didn't really appreciate.


I hope to see slightly more zombies/Hydes in the second novel :)


Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review!