With an extra day for reading yesterday, one could be more ambitious this year than normal in February. And I must have blown away my previous record as I read an astonishing (even though I say so myself) 31 books!


The Books:



Carry On  


February's theme was book you are ashamed you haven't read. As usual, I was full of hope to read a lot of these book in February. Unfortunately, I didn't completely stay true to that promise as I finished only a few of them. Better luck next time, look out for tomorrow's post with my chosen books for March reading: Book you wanted to read based on the cover. (I've got a few of them on my shelves).


The good news is however, that I enjoyed myself a lot with reading this month. It's true that (besides two) they were all review books, but I didn't mind as there wasn't a single one that really needed to be read by a certain date. It was really refreshing and foremost relaxing not to have these deadlines on top of all the other deadlines in my life.


February was also the month in which I read a number of great novellas. First, there is the Echo of the Ascended series (Mark Gelineau & Joe King) which is a new story every month in one of four story lines. I've now read the first six issues and so far I'm really liking it. Also, I read The Devil You Know a new Faustian tale where the demon starts to get nervous as the contract nears its end.


How was your reading month?