Book Cover Designs - Matthew Goodman, Nicole Caputo

I judge books by their covers. There, I've said it. There are simply far too many books to not shift though them in a fast way before looking into them. Even more so, many a time I've bought books (or chosen them as ARCs) just because I liked them. (I don't think I'm the only one though). And with my March challenge being (completely coincidently) Books chosen for their cover what better way to work up to March than with Book cover designs.


The title, in a way, explains it all. Many designers/designing companies briefly introduce themselves and their working process and than there's a collection of their covers. Some very beautiful covers (many of which I'd previously seen in book stores of course, but seldom do I stop to wonder who made the cover).


It was very nice to read about the process of making a cover. The best part, for me, was following the discussion that seemed to go on between the different designers on whether or not you should read the book to be able to design a cover (or perhaps you only need to read a little bit). Personally, I would say you have to read the book to feel what kind of book it is and what kind of cover would fit, but what do I know about it, I can't even draw simple things.


And while it was nice to look at the covers, some of them were frankly not so special. One really looked like it could have been made in MS Paint by my younger sister, but maybe that was just a very avant garde artsy one that I didn't get. Sometimes, I believed it unnecessary to show like six cover in exactly the same style, and in those cases I would have liked to see some more variation. Also, taste is a very personal thing of course.


Either way, if you love to browse book stores just to stare at book covers, you will certainly like to read this.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!