The House of War and Witness - Mike Carey, Linda Carey, Louise Carey

To me, this was an unexpectedly nice surprise of a book. The story gripped me from the first pages and wouldn't let me go until I reached the end of Pokoj's fate.


In the days leading to yet another 18th century war, a new regiment is sent to the house of Pokoj, near the Narutsin village at the Prussian border. While there is immediate distrust between the soldiers and the villagers, tension continues to rise as Drozde, the quartermaster's woman and puppeteer of the soldiers, learns stories and truths from the inhabitants of Pokoj.


I liked it, a lot. Drozde's story was very interesting and the writing was great. While this is a ghost story, and the ending was slightly predictable, I think it still gave a new twist to it, which I liked. The ghosts' stories that are interwoven with the main story were nice, although of course, one was more interesting than another. I do think, however, that there might have been a little bit too much drama, for my liking at least, surrounding Drozde.


Nevertheless, I would certainly pick up another book by these authors!


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!