With Malice - Eileen Cook

When Jill wakes up in a hospital bed with her leg in a cast, things get worse really quick. Not only was she in a car accident, in Italy, a car crash that killed her best friend Simone, she's now wanted for questioning in Italy as they think she did it on purpose. 


The problem, however, is that Jill can't remember anything from the six weeks leading up to the accident. While she's trying to recover some of her memories, evidence is stacking up and an internet campaign is launched to 'get her to justice'. But how can Jill prove she's innocent if she doesn't remember anything?


The premise was very interesting, and I think the execution of it was quite nice as well. Especially at the start where, since we are following Jill, everything is confusing and there are loads of questions. Although the story mostly stays with Jill, there are multiple chapters with police interviews, websites and the like to show what else is going on. While not everything was very believable, it was a nice read, and I would check out more books by this author.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!