Today is the day my Netgalley account turns 2!


It immediately went wrong that same day, since because I believed I wouldn't be approved if I didn't request many books, I ended up the next day with six ARCs to read. So, after the first day, I've never been above 80%. I've managed for a while to stay around 60%, but at the moment I'm really quite stable at 42% (although until last week it was 41% so I'm making progress, or so I keep telling myself).


I think I should be thankful for all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) books I've gotten to know because of Netgalley. I even bought a Kindle to use Netgalley better. However, one thing it hasn't been good for is my TBR. Before entering into the world of Netgalley it was around 100 (give of take). Currently it is over 1200! (Admittedly, most damage was done early last year and these are not all ARCs luckily).


It is as someone once described it here on Booklikes: Netgalley is like an alcoholic who you tell can have all drinks for free.


And thus began my descend to the Dark Side.


For me, it made me aware of so many books, that even though last year I read 300 books, I know I won't be able to read everything I really want to read.


Either way, I hope to enjoy Netgalley for the next years as much as I did the last two (even though their customer service yesterday wasn't very useful).