The Ice Princess - Camilla Läckberg, Steven T. Murray

This was my introduction to Camilla Läckberg, who at that time was starting to become really popular in the Netherlands. For some reason, and I'm guilty myself as well as I really liked them, Scandinavia thrillers were very popular a few years ago in the Netherlands. As in, really, really popular. Now, the Dutch have always been great fans of thrillers, and often books are earlier available in Dutch translation than in their original language. It is a shame that I've never learned to like the thrillers written by Dutch authors though. However, I'm getting lost from The Ice Princess.


I liked it, I really did. It is a very nice start of a series and even though I normally can't stand the amateur sleuth doing police work, for some reason in these books it works most of the time. The stories are usually quite slow and filled with things that don't add a lot to the plot (I think at least half of the book is about the main characters' lives), however, in these books I enjoyed it.


After this book I've read another four books in the series with a year. I think that says it all.