Nirvana - J.R. Stewart

I was confused even before I started reading, since on my Kindle I had two versions of this book. Two different versions. Before I had the chance of reading my copy I'd received a message which urged me to redownload the titles as there had been changes to the book. I thought, at that time, it were some spelling and grammatical errors that had been removed, but no, this was not the case. Based on certain points ARC reviewers pointed out in the (mostly negative) early reviews, the author took to changing these things in the final work. This is a great example I believe of listening to readers instead of insulting them. Many people decided to reread this new version, and finding it much improved. I decided to just read the new version, which has since been published.


In a world where bees have gone extinct, and with it much of the fun of real life, meet Nirvana, a virtual world where everything is possible. (Although most of it just mimics normal life). Kenders refuses to believe her husband is dead when he disappears and she starts to get strange messages. Exactly what is it the government is hiding?


It was a very fast and easy read, that for sure. The story wasn't that original though and it featured everything we've come to expect from YA near-future Dystopian. The motives of some of the companies/characters didn't make too much to me, and I still think that Kenders has a too strong believe that Andrew isn't dead right from the start. I don't completely see why the loss of bees would suddenly force everyone into the virtual reality world, but after a while I decided to just let it rest. However, the multiple love triangles that were thrown into the story are a completely different thing. I couldn't let them rest, but I've high hopes there will be less in the next novel, which I will be curious to read since Nirvana ends quite interesting.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!