The Dragon Round - Stephen S. Power

First, I want to say that I completely love the cover. The colours work wonderful and it immediately caught my eye and would certainly also do so in a book store. Yes, I'll even admit I wanted to read this book mainly because I liked the cover so much. At least I'm honest about it.


After an encounter with a dragon a mutiny takes place that leaves Captain Jeryon and his apothecary in a small boat on a very large ocean. Stranded on a small island and obviously frustrated about the situation, he's plotting his revenge. His bloody revenge.


I had high expectations, because besides the cover there was much more to like about the book. Ships, dragons and the like! Unfortunately, however, the main part of the book is not focusing on survival, but on revenge. The Dragon Round follows the revenge he has planned for each and everyone that was on the original ship. Individually. So, the story moves from one to another revenge plot, which in the end, I'm sorry to say, just got boring. And that with the final revenge being on a very, very large scale (one might have even said overreacting).


But if you like to read about revenge (a lot) this is the book for you. The world certainly is interesting.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!