Tips, Tools, & Tactics: For Getting Your Book Reviewed - Kellie Sheridan

I was a little bit surprised when I saw this book on Netgalley, but since it was by an author from who I read a series once and I was curious to find out what 'tips, tools, and tactics' would be discussed I decided to read it. It was a short book anyway.


Most of it is OK, I guess although there are a lot of things I think people would already know about since she stated, many authors are also readers so they might already know about Goodreads, Librarything and book bloggers. The book states multiple times that it is not okay to complain about bad reviews, pay for reviews or swap reviews with other authors. (It's of course sad that this needs to be said, but I'm glad she said it).


What I didn't particularly liked was her suggesting multiple times to mail bloggers directly. Even though I don't find that particularly annoying, I know a lot of people who do.
And she says in the beginning that if things are not clear from her book, you can always use Google. I agree that you can always use Google, but should a reference book not make things clear, is that not what it is for?

Also, although she spends time explaining that the product itself should be good and needs to be edited, I found a few spelling mistakes (it takes something for me to notice usually). Which again, I don't find that bad, but the whole book was less than 50 pages, so I don't think it would have cost so much (time) to have it edited.


What I thought was a little bit funny or perhaps strange was that this book was on Netgalley, while basically the biggest thing it's explaining is Netgalley. So, people who are going to find the book there are obviously already aware of the existence of Netgalley and are already using it (even if only for getting ARCs and not putting on their own books). However, the most interesting thing I thought was a link to where she explained what Netgalley looks like for a publisher (which I hadn't seen before).


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!