Ascendancy (The Van Winkle Project) - Karri Thompson

Last year I read, liked and reviewed Mirror X, the first book in the Van Winkle Project series. Van Winkle refers to a short story by Washington Irving about a man who wakes after twenty years and finds the world has completely changed.


In the last book, Cassie was awakened ten centuries after she died and found herself (and the daughter's she gave birth to while in some kind of a coma) the only fertile female in the world. Obviously everyone is after her in this Brave New World where everyone's every move is followed and documented.


I was expecting a lot of this book, since I quite liked the first book, but I was a bit disappointed. Not in the least because at the beginning I had a lot of trouble remembering who everyone was and what their role in the series was. The secret society really doesn't seem that secret and their plan is not that original (I have a feeling I know where this is going). I'm very much surprised that Cassie is still surprised when she finds out she has been deceived, again.


Some small things bothered me while reading, in general the 31st century is looking way too much like the 21st. But then Cassie makes a lot of references to things that are apparently completely unknown, like for example Latin (I will not believe that the knowledge of the fact there once was a language called Latin is completely lost to a 'genius geneticist'). Also James Bond and quite some other references are unknown, although this doesn't stop Cassie from using them all the time. 


Also, 'son of a clone' *sigh*


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!