All My Friends Are Dead - Avery Monsen, Jory John

I was reading some reviews of this tiny booklet and was quite surprised about the strong emotions it was causing in people, who seem aghast at the fact that it has a higher average rating then certain literary masterpieces. Although everyone is obviously entitled to an opinion of the their own, I simply don't see the problem. They are two completely different things, read for two completely different reasons.


But I'm digressing. If you're following me for some time you know I'm unable to resist anything with a dinosaur on the cover, and this was no exception. For me this was the book I came across in the book store and couldn't help but read whilst being there. For example, there's a baker who claims that 'all my friends are bread'. If I were to describe it in one word: Absurd. But a nice 'reading' experience.


Beware that the despite the children book look it has, it is certainly not a children's book. At times filled with some social commentary, this mostly is a book to read in a very short time. Would certainly recommend.