Earlier this year I read the debut and first book in a new fantasy series by Marc Turner. It was only after I almost finished the book that I realized how much I'd come to like it. You can find my thoughts and review here.


Together with the book was released this short story set in the same universe. I decided to wait some time to read it so as to make the waiting between the first and second book a bit shorter. Since it's now about halfway between the books, it was a good moment.


If you want to read the story, you can find it online for free on the Tor website: http://www.tor.com/2015/04/21/theres-a-devil-watching-over-you/ or if you prefer an audio version, this is available on the authors blog: http://www.marcturner.net/blog?view=entry&id=5


I really liked this short story. It felt good to be back in that universe and now I'm really looking forward to the next book, which is unfortunately, still four months away. I think this might be one of those fantasy series that I'll be following for the next years.


There's A Devil Watching Over You is a short story set in the universe of The Chronicle of the Exile. The first book in this series is When The Heavens Fall, and the second, Dragon Hunters, is going to be published next year.