Leeuwentemmer - Camilla Läckberg

English: Lion Tamer (My translation)


Original Title: Lejontämjaren


I was quite surprised to not find this book in English translation yet. I mean the Dutch translation has been out for three quarters of a year and the English one isn't even announced as far as I could tell, even though all the other books in the series were translated.


However, I've always enjoyed the stories a lot, even though they're usually not very suspenseful and contain for a large part not-detective stuff and the eating of the Swedish cinnamon buns (the ones they also sell at Ikea).


This book is not different from the other ones I've read. When a missing girl is found back, there are only more questions than before.


I always need to turn a switch because in these novels, policing isn't done by the police. Instead Erica, a crime-writer and wife of police officer Patrick is solving everything. So, I realize this isn't the most believable kind of story, but still I enjoy them from time to time. I used to frequently read Scandanavian detectives but this is one of the few series left from which I buy every new book blindly. I finished this story in a single reading.


I hope the next book won't take as long as this one though!