Just kidding. I couldn't even stop if I'd wanted to.


But I finished my GR challenge yesterday evening with finishing The Drosten's Curse (AL Kennedy).


You can view my challenge on GoodReads or BookLikes (though that last one isn't always completely updated).


Why the 207? My initial GR goal is always what I've read the previous year +1 (there has to be some challenge in it), last year I finished in May or June, I don't completely remember.


I'm not completely sure where to go from here. I've been thinking about the unofficial goal of 300 books for the complete goal, but since the next few months are probably going to be really busy and I'm only just on schedule for it, I'm not sure. It would definitely be a challenge though.


What I'm certainly planning to do, is read the following books very soon. I've got a lot of books that are asking to be read, but I think these are the ones that have made the short cut so far (besides the books I'm already reading, of course).