I'd not expected it to be this bad. Or confronting. I saw this earlier today here on Booklikes, I don't really know who was first, but on this site: http://www.readitforward.com/tbr-time/ you can calculate the time it's going to take you to read your TBR (if you would not add another thing and keep reading the same number of books).


Now I already know that my TBR is gigantic, not unlike the Mount Everest, and that even continuing to read 300 books a year would make it a multi-year project, but still. It's a long time and I know I won't stop adding books (that would be completely impossible). But perhaps I'll make a challenge and try to get my TBR below 100 (or something similar) by the predicted end date. 


How long does it take for you to finish all your unread books?