Caller 107 - Matthew S. Cox

Natalie's life hasn't been what she expected from it for the last two years. After her parents got a divorce, and she was used as a means by the parents to hurt each other she's grown into an angry teen that has nothing of the bright prospects she used to have. After another fight she finds herself with her no-good new friends but it may very well be her last night on earth.


This was quite an interesting story. Even though Natalie isn't the nicest of kids in the beginning of the story (I'm being very friendly here) you could easily see where she came from and how bad she felt. The Christmas-carol like ghost that lets her make up for some mistakes made for a nice twist to it.


It was a very fast and light read, even though the themes were definitely not something I'd consider light. I read another book (Prophet of the Badlands) by the same author a few months ago and was therefore drawn to this book, but they are completely different books, though both interesting and worth a read, IMHO.